7 Lessons For Young Entrepreneurs

Alan Rasof
2 min readAug 5, 2016


Starting a business is hard, and the difficulties often are compounded when you’re a young person beginning the entrepreneurial journey. There are many moving parts and resources you need but may not have access to. Being successful often means learning from those who have already achieved their goals. Having a mentor is an amazing blessing to an entrepreneur, but not everyone can find one in person.

If you haven’t yet found your personal business guru, here are tips for young or aspiring entrepreneurs to help get you started.

This list complies lessons that are all easily accessible and within your reach:

Be Authentic

The most powerful asset you have is your individuality, what makes you unique. It’s time to stop listening to others on what you should do, trust yourself, and be the most authentic version of yourself. People will thank you for it.

Work Hard

Work harder than anyone else and you will benefit from the effort. Set the standard for yourself, and don’t let anyone else interfere with that standard.


Get off the computer and connect with real people and culture! Life is visceral. And “if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.” (Thanks for that one Ferris Bueller.)


Constantly improve your skills. Do things with your hands. Get outside and make things. Create. Innovation in thinking is not enough.


Travel as much as you can. It is a humbling and inspiring experience to learn just how much you don’t know.

Be Original

Being original is still king, especially in this tech-driven world.


Instinct and intuition are all-powerful. Learn to trust them.



Alan Rasof

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