The Best Things About Being a Bears Fan

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears fans are some of the most genuine, motivated fans that will do anything to show support for their favorite team. The Bears have been around since the creation of the NFL, so their fans go deep back into the roots of American football. Since the beginning the Bears have always been supported by their fans. Here’s a list of just some of the many reasons why it’s great to be a Bears fan:

First, Chicago is one of the best reasons to love the Bears. From 1921, when they were known as the Chicago Staleys, Bears fans support one of the greatest cities in the world. It may not be as big and luxurious as New York, or as celebrity-infused as LA, but Chicago’s atmosphere on game day outshines any other city’s. From the delicious aromas of barbecue at tailgates, to the views of the stadium situated near the lake, Bears fans have love for not only their team, but for their city that makes it all come to light.

Next, the Bears have the best players in NFL history — there’s no question about that. The 1985 Bears Superbowl team was stacked with the most Hall of Famers of all time. From arguably the greatest running back to have ever existed, Walter Payton, to Mike Singletary, Danimal Hampton and Richard Dent — the team was stacked. From backfield players to middle linebackers and a quick-as-lightning offense, no team in football history has ever come close to the Chicago 1985 Bears, and fans will not let you forget it.

George Halas is another reason it’s great to be a Bears fan. Known as the father of the NFL, coach Halas reached more than 300 wins in his career, including the time he played defensive end for nine of those seasons. Halas was so influential for the Bears that they have adopted his initials, GSH, onto their jerseys.

Another popular name, and number (51), in Bears history, Dick Butkus, is one that Bears fans will never forget. Selected to play in eight consecutive Pro-Bowls, Dick Butkus is one of the most famous linebackers of all time. He ruled the field from the mid 1960s until 1971, and has gone down in history as a legend. And, since he’s known as being one of the most intimidating men on the field, why wouldn’t you want Butkus on your team?

Lastly, it’s great to be a Bears fan because of their incredible track record of success. The Bears hold the most wins in NFL history — 729, and that includes playoffs. They also have the best winning percentage of any other team at .575. Their continued success has made Bears fans some of the strongest, most dedicated fans in the business.

To read more about why it’s great to be a Chicago Bears fan, read this article published by The Bleacher Report.

Based in Hallandale, Florida, Alan Rasof is raising awareness for Cerebral Palsy through sharing stories of his grandson, Elijah.

Based in Hallandale, Florida, Alan Rasof is raising awareness for Cerebral Palsy through sharing stories of his grandson, Elijah.